The Relationship Of A Bench Press Chart To A Bench Press Workout

In the categories of bodybuilding and weight lifting, bench press has been in line for this type of exercises. There should be a strongest bench press possible in every weight lifter . Bench press chart assists the individual to take advantage of the bench press strength in this type of bodybuilding .

A bench press chart ideally may have the bench press weight that you are using . If you use a specific bench press weight, it’s values are estimated in terms of maximum repetition. For your bench press, the bench press chart estimates it one repetition max. It serves as a guideline to help you figure out what will be your maximum one repetition lift . The guide takes your current bench press weight amount and number of repetitions that you can still take from the said weight .

Bench press chart is used for

Say that for 8 repetitions, you will bench 185 lbs . And by reaching the end of 8th rep, you can barely finish it but there’s no one watching you . You referred to the chart and look into your current bench press weight of 185 lbs . Slide through the columns of bench press chart and find the value at which current bench press weight intersects the number of repetitions that you have done .

The repetition max value of 8 intersects in the bench press chart from your bench press weight. A rough value of 1 repetition is given off from the chart.

From the different strength of an individual, the bench press chart should only be sued as a guide on benchmarking. Before you begin on the weight training, you should be able to identify your maximum bench press . This is a way to take note of your improvement though the weeks of strength training .

Press yourself and see just how much weight you can press in a one set of repetition . Improvements on your work out can be noticed with the help of your bench press chart.