Things you have to do before a kettlebell competition

Ever since kettlebells became recognized as a training equipement, thanks to the Russians, fitness enthusiast like weightlifters started using these unique cannonballs for their training. Different brands and producers came up with kettlebells of shapes and sizes to capture more people who are interested in kettlebells. Presently, we learn that there’s kettlebell competition worldwide as lovers of this sport have seriously mastered the routines.

Kettlebell users have gained many advantages from this equipment such as fat loss, strength building and even cardiovascular endurance. Today, you are considering joining a kettlebell competition that would put your skills to a test. However, joining a kettlebell competition involves long range planning. It takes months or even a year of planning and building one’s physique to be able to excel in such challenge. Remember, competitors would also be very fit and strong. Aside from this, they could have undergone serious in an RKC seminar.

In the United States, a popular kettlebell competition is the Kettlebell Sport. The Kettlebell Sport is a kettlebell competition which involves jerking two kettlebells for maximum repetitions. Immediately after doing so, you need to snatch one kettlebell with each arm for maximum repetitions. Indeed, the goal is very physically challenging since stamina and power must be developed. The following guidelines can help you get ready for a kettlebell competition: Sharpen your mind. Winning begins in the mind so know more about competition rules, guidelines and techniques. It would be to your advantage if you can watch videos of kettlebell competition. Also ,interview past participants or winners if you can. Start planning your goals and visualize yourself doing the right moves.

Practice rigorously. Practice daily and use your goals to motivate you. The competition would require more than just your basic routines so make sure to level up your training cycle so you can achieve your maximum potential.

Eat the right food. The strenuous routine would drain all your energy so make sure you have the right diet and supplements so that you can endure the challenge.

Truly, kettlebell competition is challenging but never forget to have fun, after all it is a sport.

The wonders of kettlebell strength training

For the past few years, kettlebells have become the in thing among fitness lovers who are interested in increasing strength and endurance. Whereas in the 70s, it was just a part of a routine for Russian military and Olympian trainees to enhance their explosive strength and make them physically tough for any task. Nowadays, kettlebells are widely used for fitness in countries like the United States. In fact, it was deemed Hot Weight of the Year by Rolling Stone in 2002.Because of this popularity, almost anyone interested in kettlebell strength training can derive many benefits from the work-out.

Kettlebells are similar to cannonballs with handles that can be held. he load of the kettlebell hangs below the handle so efficient handling is very important to prevent wrist injury. Normally, these equipment is made up of cast iron which is why it is heavier than the usual dumbbells. As per Russian standards, kettlebell strength training normally begins with 35pds for men. for newbies. Of course, there are commercially available kettlebells that are less heavier for beginners who are not yet physically ready for that load. Women kettlebell strength training can start with 12 lbs which is already quiet a load for a female.

Kettlebell strength training is new but challenging approach of building up strength in a relatively fast time. This was also the reason why Russians dominated the throwing events at the Olympics since they had gained so much power from kettlebell strength training. Moreover, kettlebells are much more versatile than dumbbells since several routines like the swing requires you to hold the handles firmly which you cannot perform efficiently using free weights. By performing the basic kettlebell strength training routines like swing, clean, snatch and jerk your body would be used to ballistic training that builds a strong core and increase power.

Kettlebell strength training is also good for other things aside from strength. You would lose pounds along with it since according to an article in, a simple 15 minute work-out would consume at least 400 calories. This is considering that the work-out is for beginners. Also, the body would be burning more after the routine since it’s building muscles that were challenged during the routine. Surely, kettlebell strength training is everything you need to have a great and strong body.

The importance of a good kettlebell handle

Presently , a great majority of fitness enthusiasts and athletes are using kettlebells for developing their strength and endurance. Many individuals have gained benefits from using kettlebells since it can make one lose weight fast, sculpt the abs, build strong core and improve agility and power. Thus, a large number of kettlebell users are always searching for good quality kettlebells. Among the features that these users look for are comfortable kettlebell handles. Since kettlebells are usually involved in routines that have swinging motions, having a rough kettlebell handle enables the user to have a firm grasp of the ball.

In most cases,kettlebell handle becomes an obstacle in doing even some simple routines in the workout. Although regular kettlebell made of cast-iron is ideal for serious users, the thick handles are quite hard for the grip which is crucial in pulling movements. Also, kettlebells are costly so buying one kettlebell weight at a time really drains money from you. Furthermore,the shipping costs are high since this equipment is heavy. Nevertheless, kettlebell users do not mind such factors like costs due to the benefits derived from the workout.

Great news there’s adjustable kettlebell which can be bought online and in fitness stores nowadays. There are many advantages in having adjustable kettleball handle. To begin with, having an adjustable kettbell handle is more affordable than buying a whole set. To be specific, there’s an adjustable kettle bell that includes three free weights from Weider or Kettlestack.

The adjustable kettlebell handle from Kettlestack includes handle, 1 hexnut, 4 washers, 4 bolts in two lengths and 1 allen key as well as an instruction sheet. Their kettlebell handle are lightweight so it’s easy to carry. It is made from a springy steel band that is covered by a durable plastic. Shipping costs would be more affordable so you can order online. Also, it functions like a traditional cast-iron kettlebell. Just keep in mind that although the kettlebell handle are lightweight, the handles are still thick since they are designed after the traditional ones. Thinner kettlebell handles are not fit for creating a more powerful workout so don’t go for such features. Before buying kettlebells, search online to have better options.

The great benefits derived from kettlebell women exercises

For the past twenty years, women’s exercises begun from Jane Fonda aerobics to weightlifting, then new age influence like Yoga. Apparently women have been aware of their wellness not only for losing pounds or looking good but for shifting to a healthier choice. Although there are so numerous exercise routines that women can pursue but nothing could seem to beat kettlebell women exercises. Beforehand, kettlebell exercises were mostly done by men and to build up strength and endurance. Using kettlebell as a fitness equipment were originally used in Russia by men who joined the military or conditioned themselves for the Olympic events. Presently, kettlebell women workout has been integrated into workout by women of all ages. It seems that modern women are becoming more sensible in selecting the right fitness program for them.

Kettlebell women workout is an excellent and effective way to shed pounds in a short time.As compared to aerobic exercise that only zaps calories while you are exercising, kettlebell women workout burns calories even after the routine. The major difference is that kettlebell women workout uses ballistic power that requires the whole body to execute routines like swings, clean, snatch and jerk. Essentially, these movements came from weightlifting which makes the muscle to contract at the same time control the momentum of swinging.

Kettlebell women workout is challenging for many reasons. Essentially, the highly repetitive ballistic exercises and circuit training can send your metabolism soaring. A majority of adult women, especially mothers piled body fat through the years which requires high metabolism to start burning fat. Although the explosive movements of kettlebell women workout are considered anaerobic, consistent repetitive actions in a circuit training makes it more intense than cardio.

Kettlebell women workout has attracted not only health buffs but Hollywood stars like Jennifer Aniston,Geri Haliwell and Penelope Cruz. They benefit from the very strenuous workout by keeping their body fit and strong.Plus, the strength and endurance built by women through this exercise makes them very resistant to daily stress. Also, bones gain extra density due to the weight bearing movement that slows down the progress of osteoporosis in women. Remarkably, just a pair of 12 pd kettlebells can make women fit and shapely.

The essentials of a kettlebell review

A plethora of physical fitness gadgets, gizmos and equipments can be found in the market today. A very hot fitness equipment nowadays are kettlebells which came from Russia. Since old times, Russians utilized lowly kettlebells to build strength and endurance. Nowadays, almost millions of fitness enthusiasts around the world are using kettlebells for their training. If you are considering getting a pair of kettlebell for your work-out, the first step is to read some kettlebell review in order to understand several kinds of kettlebells.

Traditionally, kettlebells are made of cast iron since they should really be heavy enough to build strength. A lot of companies now sell kettlebells because despite their costly price tag, they’re more effective as compared to dumbbells. However,loyal kettlebell users claim their potency to build explosive strength through ballistic routines that can leave people exhausted. Even so,enthusiasts appreciate the fact that kettlebells can really help you lose weight and develop strong muscles.

Whether one is beginning to use kettlebell or is already a fanatic who never skips any training, you would still derive benefits from kettlebell review. To start with, there are many well-known brands out there like Dragondoor, Muscle Driver, Lifeline, Apollo, Troy and Power Systems. Indeed, they all promote kettlebells that have the same shapes and sizes but the difference lies in the quality of materials, handling and price. Regularly, a beginner choose to begin with a kettlebell that’s at least 12 lbs.But when the program calls for heavier ones, the differences begin to manifest.

Kettlebell review contains a lot of inputs from experienced users of kettlebells. Handles are the first thing you must inspect when buying kettlebells. Having ample space in the handle becomes a need especially when executing difficult routines. Also the grip factor is considered as some kettlebells have slippery epoxy coating so grittiness is a factor that old timers often look for in good kettlebells. Balance is also a hot topic in kettlebell review since there are products which are not right for kettlebell workout.Lastly, budget is an issue since there are some kettlebells which are really expensive due to their brand name.

Make your own Kettlebell and Save Money

Kettlebells have are the most sought out fitness equipment nowadays for many good reasons. First, you can derive a great workout from these nifty but compact equipment since in a few weeks time, your fat will melt like butter. Additionally,there’s this really cool benefit of building up strength and endurance due to the ballistic movements that you have to perform like the swing, snatch ,jerk and clean. Undoubtedly, mixed martial arts practitioners integrate kettlebell work-out into their practice to acquire explosive power that can tackle opponents. Even so, using a kettlebell for your workout can create a shapely body. There is only one obstacle to owning a kettbell – its price tag. Thus, make your own kettlebell so that you can still get the good benefits for your body without spending that much

When you make your own kettlebell, you can buy the materials, change some features to fit your needs and save a lot of money. Even a lightweight kettbell can cost almost a hundred dollars plus shipping expenses. So when you make your own kettlebell, you are spared from many expenses since all you need are the materials available in a local hardware.The following instructions can be followed so you can make your own kettlebell . By the way, you can view the complete illustration at website for an idea of the end product.

The materials:

1-1″x 6″ steel nipple ( with an external diameter of 1 and 1/4″)
2- pieces of 1″ 90 degree elbows
2-1″x 4 1/2″ steel nipple (vertical ones)
2-1″ ‘T’s 1-1″x12’ steel nipple (through plates)
2-1′ end caps
6 pieces of 5 pound barbell plates

Connect the “90 degree elbows together on the corners of the 1” x 6” steel nipple. However, the main handle would use the 1”x 6” steel nipple .Insert the barbell plates in between the 1” x 12” steel nipple but but be sure that the 3/4” pipe can bore through all of the plates. Longer vertical pieces can be placed instead in case you use heavy plates. Just secure the T”s with endcaps.

Now , you realize that when you make your own kettlebell it’s more practical.

Lose pounds fast with a kettlebell workout

When it comes to physical test, one of the basic abilities that must be increased is strength alongside with endurance. Nonetheless, many individuals who exercise most of the time wants to lose extra weight since this affects cardiovascular health as well as endurance. As one builds endurance, strength can also be enhanced. So if you want to melt fat like butter, increase strength and build endurance then a kettlebell workout is excellent for you.

Kettlebells can be compared to free weights like dumb bells as an exercise equipment. The main difference lies in the shape since they are like cannon balls with handles. If you are comfortable with free weights and can ably support yourself using balance, kettlebell workout can match your fitness requirements. Russians normally used kettlebell workout for their military training exercise which was also excellent in preparing for Olympic events. Because of this, other countries like the United States adopted this sport which is now known as kettlebell workout.

Kettlebell work-out can really help shed extra pounds since the whole body is being exercised not simply arms or shoulders as compared to other equipments. Because of its ability to zip fat fast, Jennifer Aniston and Geri Halliwell have used this to keep them in good shape. Even women can effectively use kettlebell workout starting with the lightest load at 10 pounds. However, adequate stretching is needed before trying any kettlebell workout since it promotes explosive motions that your body may be subjected with. Another benefit from kettlebell workout is that all you need is a pair to keep that muscle strong and all that fat gone fast.

Kettbell workout melts fat quickly because of its unique shape. First, it takes control to firmly grasp the handle of a kettlebell since the ball hangs a few inches from the handle itself. It takes some practice and a good grip to hold kettlebells properly. Additionally, the moves involved in a kettlebell workout are not simply stationary. Some moves like snatch and cleans require explosive power which the whole body is involved. Because of this, legs, arms, shoulders and a strong core is needed to support the movement.

Kettlebell work-out is a great two piece equipment that can suit all your physical fitness requirements.

Knowing why kettlebells are great for your body

There are so many physical fitness equipments and gadgets created by man to match different exercise programs. They range from bikes, treadmills , trampolines to free weights and now- kettlebells. For newbies, kettlebells look peculiar since they are like cannonballs with handles. Still, your fitness instructor advises you to get a pair preferably the 12pd heavy for your exercise. You would even ask : why kettlebells?

If you want to know why kettlebells are the top choice for fitness buffs nowadays, read the following discussion and understand why kettlebells are hottest thing in fitness equipment nowadays.

Kettlebells are useful for an intense cardio workout. While kettlebells aren’t as dynamic are running, repetitive routines in a circuit training can make you sweat a lot. Visualize the body carrying a 12pd cast iron metal and swinging it thus working major muscles groups like arms, legs and back to control the movement. Then do the routine repeatedly and you will understand why kettlebells are recommended for a work-out.

It’s very compact and takes less space. If you workout in your bedroom, you won’t choose big equipment eating half of your space needed for other things. Kettlebells are small, compact and can be brought to any part of the house which is why kettlebells are practical choice for workout.

Kettlebells can make you shed some pounds. There have been reports that a 40 minute routine using kettlebells is as good as running or sprinting for miles. Actually, burning fat doesn’t stop there since 24 hours after the workout, you would still burn calories since its trying to build muscles after the strength training. Furthermore ,the complicated movements that was never experienced by your body before is a great factor why kettlebells can make you ripped. Women who used this routine became shapely and strong.

Kettlebell workouts are harmless to the joints.Even the elderly would benefit with light kettlebells since their joints won’t be subjected to too much pressure as compared to running or jogging. This is important to remember- weight training makes your bones stronger that’s why kettlebells are really that beneficial.

Why just sit there ? Get your pair of kettlebells now.

Kettlebell set -handy and practical for exercise

Have you finally found the ideal fitness equipment that would suit your needs? While some equipments are suited for increasing strength and endurance, they can be very large to set-up at home. Likewise, rowing machines, treadmills and elliptical bikes only develop endurance but not on enhancing strength. Joining a gym is great but it does take time to squeeze it in a busy schedule. Besides, the weather may be bad enought to prevent you from going out. So, what is the best option for such cases? What else but the very functional kettlebell set.

It is remarkable but true that kettle bell set can make you burn fat fast, build strenght and increase endurance. Ever since ancient times, Russians have used this special piece of equipment that can give explosive power to anyone who is using it. Later, Russian Olympians and military men made use of kettlebell set to polish their performance and increase physical strength. So why not buy a kettlebell set?

Kettlebells are shaped like cannonballs that have handles. A good grasp and control is needed to hold kettlebells in order to perform different movements like snatches,cleans and jerks. Come to think of it,a kettlebell set is the right perfect equipment to keep your body in shape by having them in your home. If you have a kettlebell set, you can get in shape anytime you want without having to go to crowded gyms and pay monthly dues.

There are several types of kettlebell set that are available in the stores nowadays. In particular is the traditional cast-iron kettlebell set. The kettlebell set usually has three different weight: 10 pound, 12 pound and 14 pound. The set is ideal for women who want rapid fat loss and ripped appearance. Additionally, they can easily increase strength and progress to heavier loads that would definitely create leaner but stronger bodies. Men can start using the 22 lb kettlebell set that would surely make the body cut for hard work .There are also steel competition kettlebell set that complies with the International Union of Kettlebell Lifting Standards. Nowadays, a kettlebell set is normally color coded acoording to weight and has smooth handles for better handling. Whatever kettlebell set you purchase, be sure to consult a doctor first before trying a challenging program.

Kettlebell History : it’s time to shine

In recent years,there are numerous exercise gadgets and equipments that are available in fitness equipment stores. Among these are free weights, Swiss ball, elastic bands, trampolines, elliptical bikes and other gadgets for the midsection. Many people have become health conscious and buy different fitness gadgets or equipments to complement their fitness regimen. However, it is interesting to learn about kettle bell history as it is one of the oldest exercise equipment that Russians have used way back World War II. Russians proclivity is not limited to board games like chess but they are hooked on strength building like wrestling, gymnastics and yes, kettle bell lifting. Kettlebells are actually hand cannons with handles that can weigh as light as 10 pounds.

Kettlebell history has its origins in ancient Russia wherein culture placed an importance on being physically strong. It wasn’t just a common thing to exhibit strength since contests were held every in remote villages and nearby towns. Being strong is deemed as honorable so the strongest men were called Bogatirs. Kettlebell history tells us that Russian folklore have a mythical hero who employed strength for fighting evil. It is similar to the hero Superman or the Incredible Hulk in the modern times.

According to kettlebell history, kettlebells were not originally part of mainstream sports.It was just a piece of equipment that can help build strength and endurance. From that time to World War II, kettlebell history slightly changed. Out of the blue, weight lifting became a fitness craze and modern countries saw the value of the lowly kettlebells. By 1960’s kettlebell history reached its prime as kettlebell lifting was held in schools and universities. After a decade, kettlebell lifting was already a part of the United All State Sport Association of USSR. It took another 15 year before kettlebell history recorded the first National Championship of USSR in Lipetsk, Russia. This launched kettlebell lifting as a seriousl sport with complete rules and regulations.

Today, kettlebells are mostly used in fitness on countries like the United States. Truth is, it was called Hot Weight of the Year by Rolling Stone in 2002. The secret behind this is that kettle bell lifting can really shed pounds and build solid muscles when used regularly. Truly, kettlebell history has made it mark after a hundred years.