Kettlebell History : it’s time to shine

In recent years,there are numerous exercise gadgets and equipments that are available in fitness equipment stores. Among these are free weights, Swiss ball, elastic bands, trampolines, elliptical bikes and other gadgets for the midsection. Many people have become health conscious and buy different fitness gadgets or equipments to complement their fitness regimen. However, it is interesting to learn about kettle bell history as it is one of the oldest exercise equipment that Russians have used way back World War II. Russians proclivity is not limited to board games like chess but they are hooked on strength building like wrestling, gymnastics and yes, kettle bell lifting. Kettlebells are actually hand cannons with handles that can weigh as light as 10 pounds.

Kettlebell history has its origins in ancient Russia wherein culture placed an importance on being physically strong. It wasn’t just a common thing to exhibit strength since contests were held every in remote villages and nearby towns. Being strong is deemed as honorable so the strongest men were called Bogatirs. Kettlebell history tells us that Russian folklore have a mythical hero who employed strength for fighting evil. It is similar to the hero Superman or the Incredible Hulk in the modern times.

According to kettlebell history, kettlebells were not originally part of mainstream sports.It was just a piece of equipment that can help build strength and endurance. From that time to World War II, kettlebell history slightly changed. Out of the blue, weight lifting became a fitness craze and modern countries saw the value of the lowly kettlebells. By 1960’s kettlebell history reached its prime as kettlebell lifting was held in schools and universities. After a decade, kettlebell lifting was already a part of the United All State Sport Association of USSR. It took another 15 year before kettlebell history recorded the first National Championship of USSR in Lipetsk, Russia. This launched kettlebell lifting as a seriousl sport with complete rules and regulations.

Today, kettlebells are mostly used in fitness on countries like the United States. Truth is, it was called Hot Weight of the Year by Rolling Stone in 2002. The secret behind this is that kettle bell lifting can really shed pounds and build solid muscles when used regularly. Truly, kettlebell history has made it mark after a hundred years.