Knowing why kettlebells are great for your body

There are so many physical fitness equipments and gadgets created by man to match different exercise programs. They range from bikes, treadmills , trampolines to free weights and now- kettlebells. For newbies, kettlebells look peculiar since they are like cannonballs with handles. Still, your fitness instructor advises you to get a pair preferably the 12pd heavy for your exercise. You would even ask : why kettlebells?

If you want to know why kettlebells are the top choice for fitness buffs nowadays, read the following discussion and understand why kettlebells are hottest thing in fitness equipment nowadays.

Kettlebells are useful for an intense cardio workout. While kettlebells aren’t as dynamic are running, repetitive routines in a circuit training can make you sweat a lot. Visualize the body carrying a 12pd cast iron metal and swinging it thus working major muscles groups like arms, legs and back to control the movement. Then do the routine repeatedly and you will understand why kettlebells are recommended for a work-out.

It’s very compact and takes less space. If you workout in your bedroom, you won’t choose big equipment eating half of your space needed for other things. Kettlebells are small, compact and can be brought to any part of the house which is why kettlebells are practical choice for workout.

Kettlebells can make you shed some pounds. There have been reports that a 40 minute routine using kettlebells is as good as running or sprinting for miles. Actually, burning fat doesn’t stop there since 24 hours after the workout, you would still burn calories since its trying to build muscles after the strength training. Furthermore ,the complicated movements that was never experienced by your body before is a great factor why kettlebells can make you ripped. Women who used this routine became shapely and strong.

Kettlebell workouts are harmless to the joints.Even the elderly would benefit with light kettlebells since their joints won’t be subjected to too much pressure as compared to running or jogging. This is important to remember- weight training makes your bones stronger that’s why kettlebells are really that beneficial.

Why just sit there ? Get your pair of kettlebells now.