Make your own Kettlebell and Save Money

Kettlebells have are the most sought out fitness equipment nowadays for many good reasons. First, you can derive a great workout from these nifty but compact equipment since in a few weeks time, your fat will melt like butter. Additionally,there’s this really cool benefit of building up strength and endurance due to the ballistic movements that you have to perform like the swing, snatch ,jerk and clean. Undoubtedly, mixed martial arts practitioners integrate kettlebell work-out into their practice to acquire explosive power that can tackle opponents. Even so, using a kettlebell for your workout can create a shapely body. There is only one obstacle to owning a kettbell – its price tag. Thus, make your own kettlebell so that you can still get the good benefits for your body without spending that much

When you make your own kettlebell, you can buy the materials, change some features to fit your needs and save a lot of money. Even a lightweight kettbell can cost almost a hundred dollars plus shipping expenses. So when you make your own kettlebell, you are spared from many expenses since all you need are the materials available in a local hardware.The following instructions can be followed so you can make your own kettlebell . By the way, you can view the complete illustration at website for an idea of the end product.

The materials:

1-1″x 6″ steel nipple ( with an external diameter of 1 and 1/4″)
2- pieces of 1″ 90 degree elbows
2-1″x 4 1/2″ steel nipple (vertical ones)
2-1″ ‘T’s 1-1″x12’ steel nipple (through plates)
2-1′ end caps
6 pieces of 5 pound barbell plates

Connect the “90 degree elbows together on the corners of the 1” x 6” steel nipple. However, the main handle would use the 1”x 6” steel nipple .Insert the barbell plates in between the 1” x 12” steel nipple but but be sure that the 3/4” pipe can bore through all of the plates. Longer vertical pieces can be placed instead in case you use heavy plates. Just secure the T”s with endcaps.

Now , you realize that when you make your own kettlebell it’s more practical.