The wonders of kettlebell strength training

For the past few years, kettlebells have become the in thing among fitness lovers who are interested in increasing strength and endurance. Whereas in the 70s, it was just a part of a routine for Russian military and Olympian trainees to enhance their explosive strength and make them physically tough for any task. Nowadays, kettlebells are widely used for fitness in countries like the United States. In fact, it was deemed Hot Weight of the Year by Rolling Stone in 2002.Because of this popularity, almost anyone interested in kettlebell strength training can derive many benefits from the work-out.

Kettlebells are similar to cannonballs with handles that can be held. he load of the kettlebell hangs below the handle so efficient handling is very important to prevent wrist injury. Normally, these equipment is made up of cast iron which is why it is heavier than the usual dumbbells. As per Russian standards, kettlebell strength training normally begins with 35pds for men. for newbies. Of course, there are commercially available kettlebells that are less heavier for beginners who are not yet physically ready for that load. Women kettlebell strength training can start with 12 lbs which is already quiet a load for a female.

Kettlebell strength training is new but challenging approach of building up strength in a relatively fast time. This was also the reason why Russians dominated the throwing events at the Olympics since they had gained so much power from kettlebell strength training. Moreover, kettlebells are much more versatile than dumbbells since several routines like the swing requires you to hold the handles firmly which you cannot perform efficiently using free weights. By performing the basic kettlebell strength training routines like swing, clean, snatch and jerk your body would be used to ballistic training that builds a strong core and increase power.

Kettlebell strength training is also good for other things aside from strength. You would lose pounds along with it since according to an article in, a simple 15 minute work-out would consume at least 400 calories. This is considering that the work-out is for beginners. Also, the body would be burning more after the routine since it’s building muscles that were challenged during the routine. Surely, kettlebell strength training is everything you need to have a great and strong body.