Use Muscle Building Exercises To Get Strong And Get In Shape

Even the most petite people can work out and use muscle building exercises to burn fat and gain lean muscle mass. You want to be healthy and feel good about yourself, and this means working out and being fit. The biggest frustration for many people is that even after taking up a healthy diet and proper workout routine, they are still not able to get the results they want. There are a few muscle building exercises that should be included in every workout routine.

Squats are very simple to do and they are such a great exercise because they offer fantastic results. The thigh and buttocks muscles can be very hard to tighten and tone, but squats are one type of exercise that never fails. Squats work out the legs and buttocks muscles and help strengthen the body and improve posture as well. To perform a squat properly you need to start in a position with your feet shoulder-width apart and then squat down like you were going to sit in a chair.

Some people actually use a chair which helps them to determine how low to squat before holding, but just make sure that you stop right above the chair and don´t actually sit on it. Thighs should be parallel to the floor and you want to stand back up after this and repeat the exercise as many times as desired. You should continue until you feel a burn in your leg and buttocks muscles but don´t overdo it because you can end up spraining your muscles. Using weight is a great way of adding more to the challenge and helping to build lean muscle mass.

For the bench press you need to lie on a support bench and take off the weight, lowering it to your chest. After your arms are straight up you want to start bending them, bringing the weight down and directly over your chest. Hold for a few moments and you should feel the muscles in your arms straining a bit, and then push your arms back up straight to the starting position. Remember that while you do want to feel a burn you don´t want to feel pain because this means you´re pushing it too far and can cause injury to your body.

Then there is the military press which is very similar to the bench press only you are standing for this exercise. You want to grasp the barbell rack and, keeping your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, press the bar until the arms are extended overhead then lower to the front of the neck and repeat. The biggest difference between the military and bench press is that with the first you´re standing up and the latter you´re laying on a bench. Raise the weight up until your arms are locked and you have completed one military press.