Starting a Basic Diet for Muscle Building

One of the biggest myths about building muscle is that it is dependant on lifting weights; in fact it is diet that determines whether you will gain muscle. When planning a diet for building muscle it is important to keep your meals small and frequent. Aim to have six meals a day, with three main meals and three snacks are how you should build your diet. When you are on a diet for building muscles you will need to eat six meals a day rather than the traditional three square meals a day.

A good diet for muscle building should contain carbohydrates, protein, and fat so that it is balanced. There are a lot of misconceptions about the importance of protein in a muscle building diet, however your protein intake should not exceed your carbohydrate intake. In terms of protein you should be looking at lean proteins; chicken breasts, fish, lean cuts of red meat, and cottage cheese are all good examples of good protein. It is also important to have good fats in your diet for building muscle; you can get good fats from flax oil, fish oil, avocadoes, nuts, and beans.

The amount of food that you eat will depend on how much you weight and your body type. Typically your daily carbohydrates should amount to 3-4 grams of carbohydrates for every pound of body weight; you can divide this total throughout the day. Your daily protein intake is one gram of protein for every pound of body weight, this might be hard to stomach at first but you can definitely incorporate this into your diet. You may want to reduce your carbohydrate intake a little if you have a high percentage of body fat that you want to bring down.

Adding variety to your meals is the best way to make sure that you stick to your diet for building muscle. If you find that you donĀ“t have time to cook then it is best to make food in advance so that you can stick to your diet when you are on the go. Whey protein powders and protein milkshakes are a good staple to have in your diet for snacks; fruits are also good as a snack and can help to keep you hydrated. With these basic guidelines you can start to put together a diet for building muscle that works for you and will help you to tone your body.