An introduction to pilates exercises

There are hundreds, if not thousands of exercise methods that have become popular for the last century. A great number of exercises normally target goals on shedding pounds or gaining muscles which at sometimes can be contradicting. Aerobic exercises are good for cardiovascular endurance but not ideal for building strength. On the opposite, muscle building exercises really help increase strength but not really for enhancing endurance. Worse, you can become too skinny when you run a lot or get bulky lifting heavy weights. Because of this, pilates exercises can be a complete work-out since it provides a complete approach that tones the muscles and help lose weight.

Actually, pilates exercises were really used as therapeutic measures for bedridden patients or people who have limited mobility. The designer of pilates exercises himself – Joseph Pilates was a frail child who had to go through hours of physical training to make himself stronger. Joseph Pilates,a German, had a firm belief that the mind can control the body which is why pilates exercises were known then as Contrology. Aside from doing pilates exercises that required focus and control all the time, Joseph also designed some apparatuses that can really challenge the body. The two most well-known traditional pilates exercises apparatuses are the chair and the reformer. Such equipments can tone and align your body properly,however, they really do resemble medieval torture equipments.

Pilates exercises are religiously performed by followers since it helps them increase strength, gain flexibility and significantly control body movements. As a result, the person would develop toned muscles and a strong core that adequately supports the back. Actually, some of the original clients of Joseph Pilates were ballet dancers who needed recovery from injured muscles. Today, mastery of pilates exercises can be acquired by joining health clubs or pilates organizations. Newer forms of Pilates exercises have evolved such as yogilates and Stott pilates which have their origins from traditional pilates. There are many books on pilates exercises as well as DVDs that you can buy in case you find the fee for a pilates class very expensive. As word of caution, always begin with the basic steps and seek your doctor’s advice first before trying pilates exercises.