Essential pilates mat exercises for beginners

Pilates mat exercises are set of exercises that can be performed using a Pilates mat. As a beginner in pilates, you have to understand that you must first learn how to stabilize your body before you can do complicated pilates. When you stabilize the body before performing any moves, you are in a way warming it up and protecting it from any injury. Stabilizing the body requires you to do some fundamental pilates mat exercises which can go a long way in strengthening your body and building control. There are some essential pilates mat exercises that you must master in order to gain the full benefits of a pilates program for beginners. Dont be deceived thinking that pilates mat exercises are easy, in fact, they can really be challenging enough. Now, get that pilates mat and start doing the following routines: Spine to Mat This is very necessary and highly important. To begin with, lie on your back. Try to raise your legs in the air with your toes reaching for the ceiling.You would feel that your back’s vertebra is sinking to the floor as your spine is being stretched. Slightly lower your legs to the floor and if you observed that your back started to arch up, then your abs are still weak. This is a simple way but easy way to check if your back is already strong.

Spine peeled off from the mat Since you now learned how to anchor your spine to the mat, it’s time to peel it off from the mat. Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor.This is known as the neutral position. Place your hands on the back of your head with your arms to the sides. Inhale through the nose and slowly lift your back lifting the pubic bone. Hold for two seconds then exhale as you slowly lower your back on the floor. Feel each vertebra as it touches the floor. Inhale slowly. Repeat for three times.

It is recommended that you do the given basic pilates mat exercises as basic warm-up. Placing your body in a neutral position assists in correctly aligning your vertebra so you can safely proceed with other routines later on.