Examples of easy pilates ball exercises

There are millions of people who are avid pilates followers since this exercise gives many benefits such as strong core, toned muscles, leaner bodies and balance. Aside from professional athletes, dancers and celebrities, an ordinary individual can learn pilates in a short period of time. The only constraint that the average person encounters when learning pilates is the high cost of fees when attending pilates exercise class. Aside from the high price, not everyone has the free time to attend pilates class because they need to work. The best option that they have is perform pilates ball exercises at home during their spare time. Once you have a Swiss ball and a pilates mat, you can follow the pilates ball exercises given below: Basic Abdominal curls Place the pilates mat on the floor. Lie on your back and gently roll the ball under your knees. The knees can slightly bend at a 90 degrees angle but not kept apart. Place your hands behind your head with elbows extended wide. Start inhaling and as you exhale, curl head and shoulders to lift them off the mat. Start inhaling while looking at your thighs, then exhale and go down to the mat. Concentrate on the breathing and do the routine gradually.

The Hundred Essentially, this is a key pilates mat work that every beginner must do well. The objective of this exercise is to wake up the body and warm it up for complicated routines later. Begin by lying on your back and placing the ball under your knees. Remember to curl your head and shoulders lifting them up from the mat. Stretch your arms at hip level and move your arms as though you were touching the floor. The arms should move upward and downward while breathing for five counts. Keep repeating for ten breaths. Repeat ten times.

The Roll Up Start by lying down on your back. Now, grasp the ball between your hands and place it over your head. Slowly raise your arms to the ceiling. and slowly roll all the way up touching the balls under your knees. Remember to always curl your head and shoulders as you roll your way up. Slowly roll back to your beginning position and lie down with your arms reaching out. Perform 6-8 times.