How to get a Pilates Certification

Are you hooked into pilates exercises? Most likely you have attended basic pilates classes and have purchased numerous instructional materials such as books, brochures, DVDs . Surely, pilates has been responsible for your toned muscles and strong core which has made your body more flexible and strong. Your close friends have said good remarks about your physical appearance and the discipline that you have acquired while learning pilates. Now, you are aiming not only for a better body but for a Pilates Certification. Lately, you may be wondering where to start so you can start training for a Pilates certification. This is truly an exciting and worthy personal goal,for that reason, this article would give you pointers on how to acquire a pilates certification.

First of all, you need to make up your mind on what kind of pilates certification do you really want. At this time, you are most likely familiar with various schools of pilates like traditional or Stott pilates. You can compare the difference between the two and see what would fit you most. There are also several levels of certification but it would be best to start with a Pilates Mat certification. In most cases, pilates certification for Mat exercises range between $100-300. Once you have finished this mat pilates certification , then you can pursue the complete pilates certification that covers all the equipments. After selecting from all the options presented to you, it’s time to start looking for pilates certification classes.

A good start when looking for pilates certification courses can be done online. Once you collected enough information from websites, inquire if they offer lessons within your area. Be sure that you ask all the important information such as fees, schedule of classes, background of the instructors, equipments used, approach or method and how many students per class. It is highly preferable if you can check the certifying body behind the schools courses. The Pilates Method Alliance can assist you in your queries about pilates certification. This non-profit Pilates organization is aimed at standardizing Pilates industry. Such purpose is really good since the methods for teaching Pilates hasn’t been standardized yet and has caused many disputes until now. Until now, the best approach is to look for reputable pilates schools that offers pilates certification.