The benefits of Pilates exercise for the body

A large number of health fitness enthusiasts worlwide have been practicing Pilates. Different forms of Pilates such as Stott pilates, Winsor pilates and yogilates have evolved. Actually, individuals go for this exercise program since the benefits of Pilates are really remarkable which would be discussed in this article. As a brief overview, Pilates was named after its creator -Joseph Pilates, who was a sickly child in Germany who wanted to gain stregth. The main goal of pilates then was to help patients with limited mobility to recover strength. The benefits of pilates then were mainly therapeutic in nature since they were aimed at strengthening the body. Pilates exercises can be accomplished through by using the mind to control the body. This is why pilates was originally known as Contrology. Now that you have a short background of pilates, learn more about the advantages of pilates exercise for the body.

To begin with, a well toned and strong core is one of the benefits of pilates exercise for the body. Our modern living puts us all at risk to several muscoskeletal injuries because we often work in front of our PCs. As a result,we experience back ache, stiff neck and stiff shoulders that can be only be prevented by having correct posture and strong back. Benefits of pilates develops includes a strong core since most of the routinesare performed using abdominal contractions. Once you have built a strong midsection your back would be stronger. Plus, this also avoids rounding off the shoulders since you have to maintain correct symmetry in pilates.

The benefits of pilates are many, aside from having a strong core, you can have a leaner body. The program is actually a total body workout which can help you tone different parts of the body as well. There are certain positions that require you to support your body well using your core section. The benefits of Pilates are visible after 10 sessions as evidenced by your toned body. Aside from that, practitioners of pilates claim that they are more focused and mindful of their tasks. Indeed, the benefits of pilates are not just for physical development but mental health as well.