Where To Find A Home Gym Workout Routine That Works For You

Jim wants to start working out on a regular basis. He’s really excited about it, and has got the equipment that he needs – he’s chosen a barbell, dumbbells, and a stability ball. Now, where can he find a home gym workout routine that will use the equipment he has?

Magazines Up The Wazoo! With Home Gym Workout Routine

Maybe you haven’t noticed – there are so many magazines available, about almost every topic you can imagine. Fitness magazines are no exception. There are magazines for hard core fitness buffs, and for those just starting out on the road to fitness. There are ones designed for women, and others geared for men. Whatever your niche – whether you want to become a competitor in the weight lifting arena, or the new Lance Armstrong, or any other specialty, there’s a magazine for you.

And these magazines have workout routines – usable in home gyms. If the magazine has a specific focus, it will specialize in the exercises that will increase the muscles primarily used in that sport – but all of them will also have just general, good, all around muscle fitness types of routines. Just take a look.

Home Gym Workout Routine At The Gym

If you have been going to a gym in your neighborhood, you can look around. Some gyms will have available information about workout routines. Home gym equipment also works for these routines. If your gym doesn’t make routines available, ask around. Others may have a source for their routine that they’d be willing to share, especially if they are using equipment you like using.

Internet Sources – The Motherlode

There are many sites on the internet that have workout routines suitable for home gyms. Just use a search engine, type in “workout routine” and possibly “home gym” and they’ll come up by the pageful. Take a look around and you’ll probably find at least one that uses the equipment you want to use in your home gym workout routine. You can also include in your search the specific piece of equipment you have – for example, include the search term “stability ball” and more specific results will show up on your screen. Many sites also have charts for home gym workout accountability. You can keep track of how you do in their online or printable chart.

You can also check the web site for any of the fitness magazines. Most – if not all – of them archive information from their magazines on a regular basis. If what you wanted wasn’t in this month’s printed magazine, but you liked the tone of the magazine, check their web archives. There’s a good chance they have a routine that you’d like right there on their website.

How To Start Using A Home Gym Exercise Chart

If you have decided to make use of your own home gym exercise program, you would have initially gotten some information on what exercises that need to be done to achieve what you need. In the beginning stage you will need to keep looking at the home gym exercise chart to get you going, and you will be skipping some of the exercises recommended on it. You will also find that in the beginning you will try a bit of this and a bit of that from the home gym exercise chart, like testing the waters if you like.

This is so that you get the feel of which exercise on the home gym exercise chart takes too much effort and which does not. And so you would begin with the ones that take next to no effort. So it seems you may be lacking reason or inspiration to get yourself motivated to shed those kilos or to tighten up those muscles, but guaranteed you may feel you put some effort into it for now, but if you haven’t felt any pain yet, you haven’t put in any effort yet either.

Home Gym Exercise Chart: No Pain, No Gain Routine

Yes, it is a point of no pain, no gain. The next day you decide to roll out the exercise rug again, and start with those simple and easy exercises again on the home gym exercise chart. And when you finished the simple exercises on the home gym exercise chart, you stand there hands on hips thinking what next can you do? You hopefully did just start with the warming up exercises for beginners. But you are already feeling the stiffness in some of your muscles. This is just the beginning of pain for you for the moment until your body gets accustomed to using those muscles you didn’t know you never really had and used.

Just Keep Moving On

After the second day, when you woke up, you felt all stiff and sore all over. Welcome to the discovery of muscles that never worked completely or at all. Your home gym exercise chart never gave any indication that you would be feeling so sore and stiff. But even though you feel you cannot move, it is actually the time that you just keep on with the exercise routine and not give up for even a day, or to toss the whole idea away by the third day as most people do.