A Beginner’s guide to Pilates Mat work

Pilates is a very popular exercise that millions of fitness enthusiasts have followed. A good reason behind this is that it helps you build a strong midsection for better core control. Having good core control equates to a strong back as well as abdominals. Admittedly, a lot of individuals are having a hard time fitting exercise into their busy schedule. A lot of individuals work in front of the PC for most part of the day that results to certain ailments such as back ache, frozen shoulders and stiff neck. Because people are busy and have limited space to exercise, pilates mat work can be good.

Pilates mat work is convenient and easy to do since all you need is a pilates mat. A suitable pilates mat must be at least a half inch thick to act as cushion against the hard floor. It must be firm and not soft so it can fully support your body.Lastly, it must be long and wide enough so you can safely do all the pilates mat exercises. Buy roll up pilates mat that you can bring to work so you can exercise during lunch break. After selecting a good pilates mat, it’s now time to do the following basic pilates mat work:

The Hundred This is the most basic pilates mat work that every beginner must learn. The goal of this exercise is to wake up the body and warm it up for more intense routines later. Simply lie on your back and bring your knees to your chest. Never forget to curl your head and shoulders lifting them up from the mat. Then, slowly reach your legs to a certain level (bent at 90 degrees). Stretch your arms at hip level and move your arms as if your beating the floor. The arms must move upward and downward while breathing for five counts. Continue repeating for ten breaths. Perform ten times.

The Roll Up Begin by lying down on your back. Raise your arms to the ceiling and gradually roll all the way up. Never forget to curl your head and shoulders as you roll your way up placing your heads towards your knees.Then, slowly roll back to your first position and lie down with your arms reaching out.